Sunday, February 23, 2014

Simple.Web F# Project IPathUtility Fix

I just pushed an update the F# Simple.Web Visual Studio extension with a minor (well, pretty major) update. When I removed the Simple.Web.AspNet NuGet package, it also removed a utility that is required by Simple.Web (and is the only real code baked into Simple.Web.AspNet). Since Simple.Web is not reliant upon IIS and is written on top of OWIN, it requires an IPathUtility instance to know where to load the files. The interface is very simple and is found in System.Web.Hosting. I basically lifted the code out of the NuGet package and added it to OwinAppSetup.fs. That way, if you don't want to use IIS, you can easily change the code right there to map virtual paths to the hard disk however you want.

Our OwinAppSetup.fs now contains:

I'm sorry if this caused any headache for anybody!