Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Simple.Web F# Project Template - Part 1

After working with the new ASP.NET F# community template with Simple.Web and some chatter on Twitter, I decided to put attempt to put together a Simple.Web F# project template. I wanted to write out the steps I took to get started to see if anybody can point out what I might be doing wrong or how I could probably do it better.

Since the community templates are based on SideWaffle, I started with a video made by Sayed Hashimi on how to create a SideWaffle project:

Based on the video, I created a new project based on the F# Web API project, removed almost all the NuGet packages, and added all of the Simple.Web packages needed for a new site. Next, I forked the GitHub repository, cloned it, and copied the Mvc5 folder into a new Simple.Web folder. I had to delete most of the stuff in the new solution that I copied over and added the extracted template items. (See the video.)

Finally, I cleaned up the project to ensure the right license was included, etc., and wound up at this state. (Update: and like an idiot, I deleted the branch in that link. The changes can still be seen, though, in the repo.) Unfortunately, after building the new solution and installing the VSIX (again, see the video), I can't see the new template in the File->New Project dialog box.

Any ideas? (Pull requests are welcomed!)


With the help of Daniel Mohl, I was able to get this taken care of. Here's part 2.